Early Summer・初夏

Poetic Name (Mei)


Description / source poetry

Babbling Brook



'Seseragi' is the sound of trickling water in a brooke or shallows of a stream. It evokes a lovely cooling image fit for summer.

Image: @minenomatsu

Catching fireflies



The pastime of catching, or watching the flickering lights of fireflies on summer nights.

Image: @minenomatsu

Spider Dance at Twilight


Kumo no furumai

"Tomorrow's diary: A visit from my lover, under blue-gold sky. So writes this spider at twilight, weaving my dream into night."



- from the 古今集 Kokinshū, translation by Sōmu Wojciński


Since antiquity in China, Korea and Japan, seeing a spider weaving a web at night has been considered an auspicious sign that one's lover will pay a visit the following day. 

 *This mei can be used all summer.

Image: @minenomatsu

Creative Commons Licence 

Adam Sōmu Wojciński, 2018 

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