Family Crests 家紋

Family crests of significant warlords



(five petals)

Oda Nobunaga




Go shichi no kiri

(five & seven flower paulownia)

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

五七の桐 豊臣秀吉

Mitsuba aoi

(three hollyhock leaves)

Tokugawa Ieyasu

三葉葵 (みつばあおい) 徳川家康


(bamboo leaves & gentian flowers)

Murakami Genji


 Mitsu uroko

(snake’s three scales)

Hōjyō Tokimune

三つ鱗 北条時宗 




Age ha no chō


Taira clan

揚羽蝶  平氏

Sagari fuji

(hanging wysteria)

Fujiwara clan

下がり藤 藤原氏

Futatsu biki

(two dragons)

Ashikaga Shogunate


Ueda family crests

Kuginuki mon (nail pull) 



The main family crest of the Ueda family, referencing a large nail-pull used for the large wooden slabs used in temple construction. The nail pull crest comes from Ueda Sōko being renowned as a temple and garden architect. 

Sangaibishi mon 三階菱

(three diamonds)


Secondary crest (kaemon) of the Ueda family. Taken from the character 王, and associated with the the diamond shapes in a pinecone. Originally from the Ogasawara Clan. The Ueda family was historically part of the Ogasawara. 

Kage Ueda Kiri mon

(shadow Ueda paulownia crest)



The kiri crest was used by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. As Ueda Sōko was held in high esteem by Hideyoshi, Hideyoshi granted Sōko the use of his own family crest. The 'shadow' in the name comes from the fact the Ueda family used this crest in secret during the Tokugawa Period, to hide their association with the Toyotomi.

Maru ni mitsu biki mon

(three dragons)



Asano family secondary crest (kaemon) permitted for use by the Ueda family.  This crest remains the official crest of Hiroshima.

Creative Commons Licence 

Adam Sōmu Wojciński, 2018 

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