Ueda Sōko Tradition of Chanoyu - A Global Tea Practice

Welcome to the homepage of Sōmu Shachū, a branch of the Ueda Sōko Tradition of Chanoyu (Japanese Tea Ceremony) taught by Adam Sōmu Wojciński. Our aim is to learn and transmit the timeless moral and aesthetic values of chanoyu. We emphasise making the practice of chanoyu accessible in a global context. 


In Sōmu Shachū, we practice the fundamental teachings of teaists Ueda Sōko and Furuta Oribe. Together we strive to create the moral and aesthetic beauty of chanoyu relevant to our place and culture.


Part of our endeavour towards a borderless, but culturally particular style of chanoyu is conducting practice online, using video conferencing, video tutorials, an electronic library and a private forum. We conduct tea gatherings, lectures, workshops and explore the possibilities of tea ritual both as old and new art around the world. 


The principal instructor, is currently based in Marseille, France. Sōmu Shachū includes other qualified instructors and students across the world, in Australia, Europe, the Americas and Japan. 


We welcome enquiries about learning chanoyu, giving lectures, conducting workshops and tea gatherings. 


We offer a wealth of information on this site about the Ueda Sōko Ryū and related chanoyu culture. Our wish is for this information to benefit the international tea community, researchers, historians, poets, philosophers and artists. May the moral and aesthetic beauty of chanoyu mix with foreign cultures, influence and be influenced, and grow as a global culture that furthers the arts, human understanding and peace.