"Origin of the Sun" (Hinomoto)
Organic Matcha

・thick/thin tea grade

・from ¥3,515


Everyday Organic Matcha

・thin tea grade  

・from ¥2,935   

"Pine of the Summit" Matcha 

・thick tea grade

・from ¥3,500

"Time-honoured Friend" Matcha  

 ・thin tea grade

・from ¥2,360

"Midnight Sun"
WE.TEA.01 Matcha

・thick/thin tea grade

・from ¥6,445

"Dawn Moon"
WE.TEA.02 Matcha

・thick/thin tea grade

・from ¥3,045

Tochū Tea Powder

 ・no caffeine 'matcha' 

・from ¥1,410

 Kagoshima Kabusecha
Organic leaf tea

 ・loose leaf tea

・from ¥1,150 

Organic Genmaicha 

・loose leaf tea

・from ¥725


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Adam Sōmu Wojciński, 2018 

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