Sōmu Shachū includes other qualified instructors and students across the world: in Australia, Europe, the Americas and Japan. Our principal instructor is based in Marseille, France.


We welcome enquiries about learning chanoyu, giving lectures, conducting workshops and tea gatherings. 

Adam Sōmu Wojciński

Principal Instructor

Marseille, France

Chanoyu practitioner since 2000

Contact: info@uedasokochanoyu.com


What do you like about chanoyu?

Chanoyu presents a structured, yet open, path for self-discovery. Chanoyu also gives me the opportunity to beautify my interactions with other people, and renews my reverence and wonderment towards nature.


Adam's bio and @adamsomu | Linktree

Federico Erostarbe

Assistant Instructor

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chanoyu practitioner since 2018

Contact: https://www.ferostabio.xyz/


What do you like about chanoyu?

It's an embodied ritual performance that allows me to experience and share a profound stillness that lies both inside our hearts and at the bottom of a bowl of tea.

Lauren Zhu

Assistant Instructor

Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia

Chanoyu practitioner since 2013

Contact: uedateash@gmail.com


What do you like about chanoyu?

Practising chanoyu makes me feel grounded and connected to a more natural way of living.

Peter Bursky
Zen Instructor

Sydney, Australia

Zen practitioner since 2008; tea practitioner since 2013

Contact: outbursk@gmail.com


What do you like about Tea and Zen?

The Zen of tea is simply just to wholeheartedly make tea. Nothing extra is added. The various forms, equipage and aesthetics all come together as a conscious wholeness in the tea room that awakens our senses. In that wholeness we can directly experience things as they are. 

Petr Beránek

Assistant Instructor

Radčice, Novohradské hory, Czech Republic

Chanoyu practitioner since 2016

Contact: noldarin@gmail.com


What do you like about chanoyu?

The reconnection with inner-self, reconnection with nature and that I can share it all in a bowl of matcha.