Practice Chanoyu Online

Part of our endeavour towards a borderless, but culturally particular style of chanoyu is conducting practice online, using video conferencing, video tutorials, an electronic library and private forum. Practice is also conducted in person, the 'good old-fashioned way', for people living within commuting distance to one of our instructors.


You can practice chanoyu, the Japanese Way of Tea, guided by an instructor online. This involves:

  • Offering the possibility to learn anywhere in the world
  • Integrating chanoyu into your life by setting up a practice space
  • Private lessons for one or two people online (you can decide the frequency of your classes)
  • Access to student-only tutorial videos
  • Access to an online repository of manuals, essays and learning materials
  • Access to student-only lectures
  • Online group activities with other students
  • Questions answered via email/messaging with your teacher
  • Access to a student-only forums to discuss your practice with Adam and other Sōmu Shachū students around the world
  • Direct contact to Japanese tea utensil and tea sellers
  • In addition to online learning, physical workshops and retreats are held in Europe, Australia and Japan (according to the dictates of the corona-virus pandemic).
If you are interested in practicing the art of chanoyu, please go to our contact form or write directly to the instructor closest to you with your enquiry and any questions.

Here is a link to the current grandmaster's 'Attitude Towards Practice'.

Scenes from practice online

Scenes from practice in Europe, Australia & Japan