Chashaku Poetics

Adamu Shachu collectively works to create a broad-ranging resource for poetic names for chashaku. Following our pursuit of chanoyu as a global culture, readily transferrable to any place any time, due to chanoyu's timeless values, we source poetic names (mei) from poems, literature and songs of other cultures, not just that of Japan. 


All the poetic names have poetic English translations that can be used instead of the Japanese original. 


This is the initial release of poetic names for chashaku. There's an explanatory essay, poetic names for all seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (divided into early, mid and late-season) and Zen words and capping phrases for the deeper moments, void of seasonality. 

Work-horse @pineofthesummit provides the bulk of the images to elucidate the concise, but profound phrases and words.

May this ever-growing resource be of use to the chajin of the world. Let's write poetry together.

- Adam, Paris

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