Nampō Roku Sumi-biki pp15-27

Nampō Roku Book 6 - Sumi-biki 南方録 墨引

Incomplete: pp 210-234, first 25 pages of the chapter 



I'm absolutely delighted to bring my patrons a further installment of the Nampō Roku Sumi-biki section. I have decided to keep translating the Sumi-biki section of the Nampō Roku as I believe the teachings of kanewari illuminate the other texts I am translating (100 Poems of Chanoyu / Oribe's Hundred Lines / An Audience with Oribe). Perhaps it is not too far a stretch to simply say that kanewari illuminates the practice of chanoyu - confirming the underlying depth we all sense is there. Kanewari bridges the seeming contradictions between the practice of daisu and sōan chanoyu. It also provides us a spiritual basis for our practice that is at the same time open for interpretation. The sumi-biki section notes:


"Just as the Buddha works for the enlightenment of all sentient beings, the Way (of Tea) responds to those who walk the path of Mahayana, those who walk the path of Hinayana, those who practice intently and those who practice casually. Those who instead focus on fastidious details about the handling of each utensil and like practicalities blind themselves from the true meaning of the practice."


I've completed a further 13 pages with the accompanying diagrams this month, continuing on from the last time I was with this text. As it takes a fair bit of energy to get re-acquinted with a text, I'm going to keep going with the Nampō Roku Sumi-biki section, translating a little each month and making it available to all patrons at '1. Shin 真' level and above


Lucky you!


I've created all the diagrams to scale. I hope they become a valuable resource for you as they are for me.

I've also updated the translator's foreword. 


After some dense paragraphs you get gems like the explanation of the origin of the daime-kiri tatami - pure poetry. And the description and diagram of Ashikaga Yoshimasa's daisu pavilion is fascinating. 


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