Looking back: Sōmu Shachū 2019 Events


For Sōmu Shachū, our emphasis is on doing tea. As we explore how to do tea in all our corners of the world, the world learns with us. 


We've retired a very full 2019 Events page to make way for 2020. I've taken this opportunity to look back on some moments in 2019 that made my heart sing. 


I hope more and more people can be touched by the sincere chanoyu of Sōmu Shachū people. As time marches on, so does our practice.

Here's to developing into more and more capable tea people for ourselves and the Earth.  


This cascade of images ranges from Melbourne to Memphis; Mittagong to Marseille; České Budějovice to Buenos Aires; and hops from London to Paris to Warsaw and beyond. 


If you're interested in starting practice yourself, please contact me here.


May we cherish our past to create an informed, inspired and meaningful present. 

Best bow,




& these two ♡

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For further details about the above images, please visit our Events page.

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