Adamu Shachū Events 2018

Paris Hatsugama

21 January 2018


Hatsugama (first tea gathering of the year) with friends from Sōhen Ryū.


Wafūdō Intensive Study Trip

April 2018


Wafūdō is the home (Iemoto) of the Ueda Sōko Ryuū in Hiroshima, Japan. Each year a group of students from Adamu Shachū travels to Wafūdō to receive training from Grandmaster Ueda Sōkei and the two Shihandai (deputy grandmasters), Fukuma-sensei and Mochizuki-sensei. We stay at Wafūdō and practice long and hard each day. Practice involves samu (mindfulness duties) such as cleaning the premises and gardening, practice chaji and daily keiko with the highest teachers of the Ueda School.  


Chasen Making Workshop with Tango Tanimura

24 April 2018


After a hard week at Wafūdō, members of Adamu Shachū travelled to Takayama, Nara, to learn the steps involved in making chasen. Tanimura-san took us through each step of his craft, allowing us to carve our own chasen - with mixed results. 


Chanoyu Aesthetics and History Tour - Nara and Kyōto

23-26 April 2018


Aesthetic education and developing one's own aesthetics is central to the practice of chanoyu. Historical knowledge is also of the essence of practice. For four days after the Wafūdō stay, Adam led his students through some aesthetic and historically significant places in Nara and Kyōto. Oh, and an impromptu kombu dashi making workshop from the adorable Kon-chan.


Rencontres du Thé

(Encounters Through Tea)

16-17 June 2018


Each year around the summer solstice, Adamu participates in a weekend of nodate (outdoor tea gatherings) in the forrest of Coplet, near the city of Valence. The weekend is a meeting of tea senseis, artists and curious people - all pursuing deeper affinity with Nature through tea. 


Profound thanks to Franck Armand.


In the Shade of a Tree

20 June 2018

Nodate (outdoor) tea gathering in a newly opened garden in Jihlava (Czech Republic), hosted by Petr.

Initially only one session was planned, but tea continued to flow throughout the day with music, nature and friends.


Australian Tea Retreat 2018

17-21 October 2018


Adamu Shachū's inaugural Australian Tea Retreat was conducted from the 17th to 21st October, 2018. A more detailed description of this precious time can be found in this blog post. 




Karamono Chaji - Hosted by Lauren

19 November 2018


On Monday 19 November 2018, Lauren hosted a chaji to mark the completion of her “karamono” qualification and to thank Adam-sensei for his guidance towards this level of qualification. It was her first chaji as a solo host and also the first “official” chaji held at her teahouse.


Mittagong, Australia


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Karamono Chaji - Hosted by Peter

20 November 2018


On Tuesday 20 November 2018, Peter hosted a chaji to mark the completion of his “karamono” qualification. The day also marked the opening of his new four mat chashitsu (tearoom). 


Sydney, Australia


Creative Commons Licence 

Adam Sōmu Wojciński, 2018 

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