16th Grandmaster Ueda Sōkei

Ueda Sōkei is the 16th and current grandmaster (ieomto) of the Ueda Sōko Ryū.

Sōkei 宗冏 is a Rinzai Zen Buddhist appellation that Ueda Sōkei received in 2005 from Shodo Harada of Sōgen-ji Temple, Bizen.


Ueda Sōkei is regarded within the Ueda Ryū as one of the major figures of the school alongside founder Ueda Sōko and 12th generation grandmaster, Ueda Jōō.


For more information, please refer to Sōkei's Wikipedia page.


You can read the translation of Ueda Sōkei's lecture 'Samurai Tea and Hiroshima Culture - The Spirit and Modernity', broadcast by NHK radio in 2011. 



To purchase the English version of  'Pearl Among the Clouds' by Ueda Sōkei, a book on daily practices inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony: