Wafudō is the main residence of the Ueda family that was active within the grounds of the Hiroshima Castle precinct until the Meiji Restorationof 1872. The restoration of Wafudō at its current site began in the fifth decade of the Shōwa period (1926-1989) and spanned 30 years.


The central city area of Hiroshima was erased by the atomic bomb in 1945. The original Wafudō and main residence of the Ueda family in Hiroshima was located near the epicenter of the blast and were reduced to ash. Some years prior to the bomb, a stroke of fortune saw heritage tea utensils, artworks and historical documents of the Ueda family moved to a second residence of the Ueda family located in Furue, a suburb in the Western district of Hiroshima city. It is thanks to this that the restoration of the original residence was possible, based on the original plans used in the creation of the Wafudō that existed on the grounds of Hiroshima Castle.