Fading Leaves & Autumn Dusk

Fading leaves


Usu momiji


Usumomiji describes the maple leaves as they just start to take on their Autumn colour, when they are pale reflections of the brilliant colours to come.


Plop! a maple leaf -

Pale shades of autumn seep through

My block of tofu

- Basho


Irozuku ya 

Tofu ni ochite 

Usu momiji  

- Basho


Image: @petoryu


Autumn dusk


Aki no kure


(Aki = autumn, Kure = dusk.)

This mei is used when the unmistakable feel of autumn seeps into days’ end.


On a withered branch

A lonesome crow has settled

Lo! the autumn dusk 

- Basho


Kare eda ni

Tori no tomari keri

Aki no kure

- Basho

Image: @petoryu

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