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Teaching Materials · 27 August 2018
I'm very happy to make available the knowledge of all the possible chashitsu configurations and their respective kanewari, from the perspective of the Ueda Sōko Ryū. Please find all the diagrams and corresponding kanewari notes here: https://www.uedasokochanoyu.com/practical-wisdom/kanewari/ I suspect the hardcore chajin out there will find this information very interesting! Enjoy, trendsetters. From a personal perspective, not having an official option to use tana for reverse-orientation...

Teaching Materials · 27 August 2018
The page showing types of chaire has been very popular. I've got another three types of chaire to add in the coming weeks. Thank you to the people who have identified additional shapes not included in my initial diagrams. Today I've uploaded a diagram of the intricate terminology for an individual chaire. I've also created a diagram of 5 types of chaire lid with their corresponding names. All can be accessed via this link:...

Teaching Materials · 10 August 2018
Here's an another 23 chaire types in addition to the first 24 posted a few days ago. So now there's a total of 47 chaire shapes, hand drawn and with short descriptions to accompany the transliteration and translation of the names of the different forms. I'll add to this list sporadically from now. This list should be comprehensive enough to cover the majority of chaire forms. If you have a chaire, or come across a chair that doesn't quite fit with one on this list, I'd be quite curious to see...

Teaching Materials · 08 August 2018
Finally getting around to this project that I've wanted to do for some time. Here's the first 24 chaire shapes, hand drawn and with short descriptions to accompany the transliteration and translation of the names of the different forms. I hope this is useful. This kind of stuff transcends schools. The imagination in the naming of different forms is a breath of fresh air. I've posted the initial 24 shapes below. The home for this information is under the 'Practical Wisdom' tab of this website....

Teaching Materials · 29 July 2018
The Practical Wisdom section of the website under the 'Reading' menu has been updated with the following diagram. The diagram shows the nomenclature associated with the shifuku pouch for the chaire. English, the original Japanese and a romaji transliteration are provided. I hope it is of use. Best bow - Adam Wojciński, Paris

Teaching Materials · 25 October 2017
Women's version of the koicha temae for centre-brazier. Performed in the last month of Autumn,

Teaching Materials · 12 October 2017
New video added. Women's informal tea rite using a tray.

Teaching Materials · 15 September 2017
After the first good rain of autumn, the spider lilies flourish by the fields and riverbanks.

Teaching Materials · 10 September 2017
Two new poetic names added for early Autumn

Teaching Materials · 01 September 2017
How to partake of tea both following etiquette, and following no etiquette.