Mountain Haze

At keiko today we practiced jiku-shomō (guest unveils the scroll for the gathering). The piece of calligraphy came with an especially beautiful poem that touched our hearts. Whether from Europe, Australia, the U.S. or Japan, we all identified with the scene of a mountain wrapped in spring haze that is portrayed in the poem.

I've translated the poem below. The first three lines are more or less identical of a poem composed in the 7th or 8th century. It is therefore a remix and shows the extensive historical knowledge and playful heart of the author and composer of the calligraphy, Chigusa Arikoto (1796-1854).



Mountain Haze


The emperor oaks

observing from the lush green

peak of Mount Mino

Disguise themselves as spring clouds

Veiled in sun and mountain haze 


Senior Grade of Third Court Rank, Chigusa Arikoto











Yama kasumi


minoyama no

mine ni oitaru

tamagashi wa

kumo ka to mieshiwa

kasumi narikeri


Shōsani Chigusa Arikoto

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