Keiko · 01 January 2019
Dear all, chajin and cha lovers, Happy New Year Tea-Party-People! I'm cherishing the year that was 2018 and wishing you all health, dance, prosperity, beauty and soul for 2019. On New Year's Eve and then New Year's morning I usually rock the daisu with a yin, then yang ritual. This year, however, I've been under the pump in the Chrissie-NY period with a translation job which has taken priority over my usual New Year's tea ritual. I decided to bust out the cha New Year's morning in the following...

Keiko · 17 December 2018
At Adamu Shachū, we decide goals for each year to work towards as a group. Some of the keiko goals this year included: Use feathers and cloth instead of tissues - absolute ban on tissues in our chanoyu No plastic used in the mizuya All peeps practicing koicha or further establish, and maintain, a sic mizuya During the year, our own Mizuyathustra rose from the bamboo lattice sink (sunoko) to decree these 10 Tenents of the Mizuya. After the sermon he was heard saying "Now, get amongst it!" - Adam

Keiko · 12 July 2018
Poem number 90 of the 100 Poems of Chanoyu says: Practice starts from ‘1’ and continues through to ‘10’ Each step is learnt well, before returning to ‘1’: where practice begins again 稽古とは一より習い十を知れ、十より帰る元の其の一 keiko to wa ichi yori narai jyū wo shire, jyū yori kaeru moto no sono ichi To elucidate the meaning further, one could change the last line to the following : Practice starts from ‘1’ and continues through to ‘10’ Each...

Keiko · 19 April 2018
At keiko today we practiced jiku-shomō (guest unveils the scroll for the gathering). The piece of calligraphy came with an especially beautiful poem that touched our hearts. Whether from Europe, Australia, the U.S. or Japan, we all identified with the scene of a mountain wrapped in spring haze that is portrayed in the poem. I've translated the poem below. The first three lines are more or less identical of a poem composed in the 7th or 8th century. It is therefore a remix and shows the...

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Adam Sōmu Wojciński, 2018 

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