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Wumenguan Case 9 - Xingyang’s Non-attained Buddha.

By Peter Bursky, originally given as a talk at the Sydney Zen Centre on May 19, 2018. 


There is the expression "Tea & Zen are one flavour".

Just the simple act of making a bowl of tea is itself a perfect presentation of everything Zen teaching is trying to wake us up to. 

This talks explores, among other things, the point of zazen (seated meditation), and maybe more importantly for us tea peeps the point of making tea. Whenever you hear or read the word 'Zazen', feel free to replace it with 'Temae' or 'Making Tea', ultimately theres no difference.

Yet in saying that, I feel a solid zazen/meditation practice is integral to understanding and embodying the Way of the Tea person. We need to be able to sit still and contemplate deeply the matter of life and death. The forms alone wont do.  


A recording of the Dharma talk is available via the following link to Sydney Zen Centre's Soundcloud.

An PDF transcript of my talk is also included below. I edited/removed a few things from the initial talk, so the PDF is most up to date. 

This is my first ever talk at SZC, and hopefully they'll be more I can share with you, however off the mark they are!


Any manner of comments are most welcome! 


- Peter Bursky, Sydney

Wumenguan Case 9 Xingyang’s Non-attained Buddha By Peter Bursky
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