Podcast · 15 October 2018
Host – Adam Guests – Tyas Sōsen – Marc-Antoine Poem L’homme fut sûrement le vœu le plus fou des ténèbres; c’est pourquoi nous sommes ténébreux, envieux et fous sous le puissant soleil. – René Char Man was surely the maddest vow of the shadows; that’s why we are shadowy, envious and mad under the powerful sun. Listen / download episode: https://tealife.audio/tealife-audio-episode-94-enshu-ryu/ Information Referenced 村雨 ‘Murasame’ chawan by Honami Kōetsu...

Podcast · 07 September 2018
The flow of the breath and flow if vital energy around the body are the two foundations of graceful conduct. All living creatures breathe unconsciously. But if we focus our attention on our breathing, we see it is also a means by which the vitality ('chi' or 'ki') of the heavens and earth enters our body. The vital energy you breathe in concentrates at a point below the navel called the solar plexus. When this energy fills the solar plexus area, both your mind and body become energised and...

Podcast · 15 July 2018
Tea Offerings - an essential part of the practice in every sense of the word. Marius and I have a good talk about making tea offerings of various forms. Hopefully they become a more intimate part of each school's practice as tea offerings talk to a fundamental drive that defines our humanity. In the Ueda Ryū we're lucky to have tea offerings as a formal part of the curriculum. In Adamu Shachū, using tea offerings an intimate part of practice is just how we roll. May we do the work of tea....

Podcast · 30 June 2018
Taking Notes - TeaLife Audio episode 88 Marius, Anthony and Adam had a good chin wag about taking notes for chanoyu - at keiko, on temae, organising notes, when it's appropriate to take notes and via what media. It's an enjoyable podcast and I hope you get something out of it. Adam

Podcast · 19 May 2018
Wumenguan Case 9 - Xingyang’s Non-attained Buddha. By Peter Bursky, originally given as a talk at the Sydney Zen Centre on May 19, 2018. There is the expression "Tea & Zen are one flavour". Just the simple act of making a bowl of tea is itself a perfect presentation of everything Zen teaching is trying to wake us up to. This talks explores, among other things, the point of zazen (seated meditation), and maybe more importantly for us tea peeps the point of making tea. Whenever you hear or...

Podcast · 25 March 2018
Here's a link to a playlist with all five episodes of chaji vocabulary: https://soundcloud.com/adamsomu/sets/chaji-vocabulary

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