Kanewari - Chashitsu Configurations

I'm very happy to make available the knowledge of all the possible chashitsu configurations and their respective kanewari, from the perspective of the Ueda Sōko Ryū. 


Please find all the diagrams and corresponding kanewari notes here:


I suspect the hardcore chajin out there will find this information very interesting! Enjoy, trendsetters. 

From a personal perspective, not having an official option to use tana for reverse-orientation temae, nor a reverse-orientation option for the daisu is a bit disappointing. Though there's nothing to stop a bit of experimentation during private keiko.

Which chashitsu configurations do you enjoy? I'd be most interested to learn your thoughts. 


I love the daime reverse-orientation temae very much. Should land/property/a chashitsu estate ever materialise out of the great æther for me, I'd build a daime reverse-orientation chashitsu. Perhaps Oribe's Ennan 燕庵 or Sōko's Enshō 遠鐘 in reverse. 

Best bow


- Adam, Paris

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