Thus Spake Mizuyathustra


At Adamu Shachū, we decide goals for each year to work towards as a group. Some of the keiko goals this year included:

  • Use feathers and cloth instead of tissues - absolute ban on tissues in our chanoyu
  • No plastic used in the mizuya
  • All peeps practicing koicha or further establish, and maintain, a sic mizuya

During the year, our own Mizuyathustra rose from the bamboo lattice sink (sunoko) to decree these 10 Tenents of the Mizuya. After the sermon he was heard saying "Now, get amongst it!"


- Adam


1. Mizuya is the Zazen

3. Mizuya knows no plastic

5. I mizuya, threfore, I tea

7. Mizuya mirrors your temae

9. Mizuya: house of o-misogi

2. Mizuya knows no tissues

4. Mizuya is unseen beauty

6. Mizuya chaos, life chaos

8. Pure mizuya, pure temae

10. Le mizuya précède l'essence

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