☆ HNY Bonne Année 謹賀新年 ☆


Dear all, chajin and cha lovers,


Happy New Year Tea-Party-People!


I'm cherishing the year that was 2018 and wishing you all health, dance, prosperity, beauty and soul for 2019.

On New Year's Eve and then New Year's morning I usually rock the daisu with a yin, then yang ritual. This year, however, I've been under the pump in the Chrissie-NY period with a translation job which has taken  priority over my usual New Year's tea ritual.

I decided to bust out the cha New Year's morning in the following way:

  • Chasen & chakin display representing the descent of a crane in a leafless wood. 
  • Ghanaian medicine pot for waka-mizu - bringing through its purification role in rituals. 
  • Yoni futaoki representing rebirth. 
  • Tea wrapped in a black fukusa - sunlight emerging from the dark. 
  • Quran chawan echoing calls to prayer at daybreak. 
  • Copper tea spoon linking me to people I love. 
  • Dōchū kensui linking me to Hiroshima - mothership represent. 
  • And a handmade incense holder by one of my students, on driftwood. Aren’t we all. 

Scribble on the walls too deep to explain here in detail, but let me just hint that it's for us to dream Ikkyū’s ancient dream of peace. 


Heaps of love to you for the New Year. Make it a strong 2019 🙏


Best bow




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