Site Updates

Site Updates · 30 January 2019
I've added an article on 'meibutsu' 名物 or 'famous pieces' to the Chanoyu Reference section of the website. Here's a link to the article. Best bow Adam

Site Updates · 13 December 2018
The chabana (flowers for tea) page of our website seems to be pretty popular. It comes under the 'Practical Wisdom' tab of the site, which has been a little neglected over the last few months. Today I've given the Practical Wisdom page a spruce-up by adding images and a more intuitive menu. There's heaps of info in there for novices and masters alike. Please take a look when you get a sec, and feel free to let me know what you think about the content....

Site Updates · 08 December 2018
Adamu Shachū has a solid programme of events each year. I've decided to establish an 'Events' page to give insight into our practice, share our learning and inspire the pursuit of chanoyu as a global practice for peace and emancipation of spirit. Some of the events have a blog entry with more details in writing. Please follow the links if you're interested, and don't be shy to engage by leaving a comment here and there. - Adam, Paris Click here to view the new Events page

Site Updates · 09 August 2018
Wafūdō 和風堂 is the home (Iemoto) of the Ueda Sōko Ryū in Hiorshima, Japan. The first Wafūdō tea villa was built by Ueda Sōko in Wakayama. After relocating to Hiroshima in service of the Asano Clan, Ueda Sōko built his second Wafūdō tea pavilion complex on the grounds of Hiroshima Castle. Wafūdō was in active use on the Hiroshima Castle precinct until the Meiji Restoration of 1872. With the Meiji Restoration, the Ueda family were forced to leave Hiroshima Castle and construct a...

Site Updates · 01 September 2017
I've added a custom search engine in the footer of every page and on the 'Reading' menu page.

Site Updates · 29 August 2017
Initial release notes. Announcements on this blog when new articles/essays/translations go live.