Poetic Names for Tea Scoops 茶杓の銘 Chashaku no Mei

Metaphorical mei


It alludes metaphorically to the individual characteristics and aesthetic appearance of the object. For example, this chashaku is named 'Nomad's Flute', taken from a Rinzai Zen capping phrase in the Shin Zengoshū. The node at the end (Jōō's favoured style) and the pores on one side remind of a flute. The scooping end opens up wide and deep, hungry for cha. 


 "Oh, the plaint of the nomad's flute is heartbreaking.

Seated guests gaze at each other, tears run like rain."

胡歌一曲斷人腹 koka ikkyoku hito no harawata o tatsu

坐客相看淚如雨 zakyaku aimite namida ame no gotoshi




The whole capping phrase could be used as the poetic name. But from the beautiful scene, 'nomad's flute' stands out to become the abbreviated name. When one informs guests of the poetic name at the end of the tea rite, it would be wise to recite the full capping phrase as well as the abbreviated name and remark how the name was chosen.  

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