Events · 20 March 2019
In Sōmu Shachū, we mark seasonal transitions with chaji - formal tea gatherings consisting of incense, charcoal and ash arranging ceremony, tea cuisine, tea sweets, thick tea (koicha) and thin tea (usucha). We are dispersed all over the globe, so for the equinox, some of us are down South and others up North. Vernal and Autumnal equinox chaji are thus celebrated at the same time in our Shachū, according to our respective loco. All students work together with Adam, the principal sensei, to...

Events · 05 February 2019
The morning of Tuesday, 5th February 2019, saw the inaugural Lunar Wabicha, “One dawn together”, roll out across our beautiful Earth. This event was inspired by one of the tea records attributed to Sen Rikyū in the Nampō Roku. No matter what school or tea tradition, all tea people were invited to create a private chanoyu imbued with one’s understanding of ‘wabi’ to mark the start of the lunar New Year. More deeply, the idea was that regardless of individual background, people would...

Chanoyu Translation  · 01 February 2019
After a fruitless search for the date Oribe's chashitsu 'Ennan' was first built, I asked the crew at Iemoto of the Ueda Ryū if they could help out. Fukuma Shihandai came through with the goods, providing two likely dates: 1599 and 1611. You can see what I reckon in the blog post. The date is important as Oribe's manuscripts describe keiko in a chashitsu almost identical to Ennan. Now I can be fairly sure of my translations while imagining the cha in Ennan. I hope you enjoy this info on a...

Chanoyu Translation  · 31 January 2019
Nampō Roku Book 6 - Sumi-biki 南方録 墨引 Incomplete: pp 210-234, first 25 pages of the chapter I'm absolutely delighted to bring my patrons a further installment of the Nampō Roku Sumi-biki section. I have decided to keep translating the Sumi-biki section of the Nampō Roku as I believe the teachings of kanewari illuminate the other texts I am translating (100 Poems of Chanoyu / Oribe's Hundred Lines / An Audience with Oribe). Perhaps it is not too far a stretch to simply say that...

Site Updates · 30 January 2019
I've added an article on 'meibutsu' 名物 or 'famous pieces' to the Chanoyu Reference section of the website. Here's a link to the article. Best bow Adam

Events · 05 January 2019
Dear all Chanoyu is about awakening our hearts to the deeper themes of our lives. Let's. The morning of the 5th of February is the Lunar New Year for 2019. Candlelight turns to sunlight. As the sun rises, we will prepare tea, alone, each to ourselves in our private abode. But we will be together in spirit. I openly invite all people to prepare a personal bowl of tea at dawn for the Lunar New Year - 'one dawn, together'. Tea can be matcha, bowl tea oolong, jakseol green, yerba matê, whatever...

Keiko · 01 January 2019
Dear all, chajin and cha lovers, Happy New Year Tea-Party-People! I'm cherishing the year that was 2018 and wishing you all health, dance, prosperity, beauty and soul for 2019. On New Year's Eve and then New Year's morning I usually rock the daisu with a yin, then yang ritual. This year, however, I've been under the pump in the Chrissie-NY period with a translation job which has taken priority over my usual New Year's tea ritual. I decided to bust out the cha New Year's morning in the following...

Keiko · 17 December 2018
At Adamu Shachū, we decide goals for each year to work towards as a group. Some of the keiko goals this year included: Use feathers and cloth instead of tissues - absolute ban on tissues in our chanoyu No plastic used in the mizuya All peeps practicing koicha or further establish, and maintain, a sic mizuya During the year, our own Mizuyathustra rose from the bamboo lattice sink (sunoko) to decree these 10 Tenents of the Mizuya. After the sermon he was heard saying "Now, get amongst it!" - Adam

Site Updates · 13 December 2018
The chabana (flowers for tea) page of our website seems to be pretty popular. It comes under the 'Practical Wisdom' tab of the site, which has been a little neglected over the last few months. Today I've given the Practical Wisdom page a spruce-up by adding images and a more intuitive menu. There's heaps of info in there for novices and masters alike. Please take a look when you get a sec, and feel free to let me know what you think about the content....

Site Updates · 08 December 2018
Adamu Shachū has a solid programme of events each year. I've decided to establish an 'Events' page to give insight into our practice, share our learning and inspire the pursuit of chanoyu as a global practice for peace and emancipation of spirit. Some of the events have a blog entry with more details in writing. Please follow the links if you're interested, and don't be shy to engage by leaving a comment here and there. - Adam, Paris Click here to view the new Events page

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