"Genmaicha" Roasted Rice with Sencha

“Bring me the finest yellow teas from Sichuan, Mudan Wang white teas from Zhenghe, gyokuros who’s sunlight was blocked by dragons and bodhisattvas. I’ll still have my genmaicha.” - Federico, Sōmu Shachū.


Generally genmaicha is made from bancha with roasted rice added to disguise the bitterness and unrefined nature of low quality tea. However this tea is made by Nippon Cha so there’s nothing average or general about it. 


The finest organic rice from Hiroshima prefecture, roasted to perfection is bended with sensational organic GGAP certified sencha from the Nippon Cha farm in Kagoshima. There's also a lot more rice than your usual genmaicha - after drinking the liquor of two or three infusions, try eating the tea with some soy sauce, roasted sesame seeds or other condiments. While genmicha as a style is not fit for the warrior class, this one is!


Available in:

・50g packet

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・1kg packet

Shipped fresh, directly from the maker in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.




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