Kagoshima Kabusecha

Kabusecha is a leaf tea that sits between gyokuro and sencha in terms of flavour and production methods. 


Kabusecha translates to ‘covered tea’ or ‘blanket tea’. Instead of being completely shaded like gyokuro, or left in full sun like sencha, kabusecha has shade cloth rolled directly over the budding leaves for approximately a week before harvest. The shading halts further development of tannins and increases the production of amino acids in the leaf. This produces a tea with a more bracing flavour than gyokuro, and less bitterness and more depth than sencha. For many people this is the perfect middle ground.


Deep emerald green leaves infuse a delicate blossom flavours over pine resin, fresh dew covered grass, button mushroom and ocean spray. Sweetness, umami, astringency and buttery notes playfully walk a tightrope in unison.


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Matcha shipped fresh, directly from the maker in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.


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